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Monday, December 11, 2006

Long weekend in Miami

Just got back from Miami: I went as an artist with artmoving projects and screened 8 BIT in Hotel Victor. My artwork was a part of Miami DiVa, which I have to say was a pretty good fair (at least in terms of artwork quality). As far as organizational aspects I hope Thierry figures that sand, water and sun are some of the worst enemies of new media:) We like it dry, dark and sand-free. The catalogue was awesome, and the over all conceptual quality high.

Diva by day; beginning of day 1.
As you can see, the enthusiatic collectors of new media are swarming the beach.

Diva by night, still packed..

The inside of artmoving projects/KBP container: Aron Namenwirth & Sarah Stanley.
These two work great together!

On Friday we screened 8 BIT at Hotel Victor as part of DiVa festival.
The screening took place outside, where 30 unfortunate viewers sat in the
rain, exposed to penetrating tropical wind, blurry projection and $15 drinks
in plastic martini glasses. That explains the quality of the image above.

Thank god for the hardcore 8bit fans...
So on Saturday I decided to cruse around Miami and check out some other fairs.
I took a few pictures of friends and neighbors who shared with us the Miami "adventure":

Front Room booth in (slightly claustrophobic) Bridge

Momenta in Nada

Canada (Nada)

Shroeder-Romero in Pulse (which looked just like Armory minus access to the subway)

Southfirst in Nada

New paintings by LA based Sean Higgins, presented by Sixspace gallery in Aqua (maybe my favorite fair this year)

Sienese Shredder in publications section of Nada; Brice Brown looks very serious
in this picture...

Over all I had fun, but I'd rather live in Brooklyn.
Congrats to all who made their fortunes! :)


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