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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

vertexList benefit!

VertexList 3rd Anniversary Benefit

Dec 14th 2006, 7-10pm

Raffle starting at 8.30pm

René Allain

"Disruptive Device (Green) Bordered"

oil on linen, panel, 2006, 14X12.25"

Mauro Altamura


photography, 14X11", 2001

From June 2000 through September 2001 I re-photographed anonymous faces in the background of the main subject(s) of published photographs in the Friday NY Times. From the negatives I have cropped and enlarged one single face, creating a portrait. These non-identified people have been in crowds, or passing by as a photo-journalist took a picture. They have neither consented to nor perhaps even been aware that their photograph has been taken and subsequently published. They are then again used in my installation, singled out from the crowd; yet they are unspecific, often barely identifiable. The subject has been unknowingly recorded, their face made public, a mock surveillance twice removed from the reality of any event.

Joe Amrhein

"Instructions Not Included"

mixed media, 2006, 9X12”

Lee Arnold


acrylic on canvas, 48X34", 2004

Mike Ballou

"Pane" (still)

C-Print, 13X10", AP, 2005

Roddy Bogawa

"Alone Again"

cast rubber, 4X5", AP, 2004

Brice Brown

“Jelly Alley”

unique silkscreen on paper, 2003, 11.5X 11.5”

Pam Cardwell


drawing on paper, 19X16", 2005 (framed)

Mauro Ceolin

"Game People: Sigeru Miyamoto.04

17/ 20 edition, signed, 2006, 8X11"


"Air International" (part of the International Airport Montello Project)

brass object, 5X4", ball chain, 2006

John Flear/ Biteditions

Matt Freedman


epoxy, aluminum, wood and enamel paint

17X24X12", 2006

Doug Henderson

"Untitled Speaker"

modified speaker, wiring, audio CD

1X1', 2004

A sound sculpture that doesn't really make any noise. 12" woofer painted swimming-pool turquoise point upward and filled with water. A 79 minute composition of low frequency sine tones drives them via high-powered audio amplifiers. Patterns generated by the combinations of sound frequencies develop on the surface of the water, making static and moving shapes from fine stars to the coarse chop of a pool, to small storms hurling drops into the air. Most of the sound is inaudible -- it is music made to be seen, not heard.

Mike Houston

"China is Coming"

acrylic on vinyl tile, 12X12", 2006


Scot Kaplan


photo on paper, 12X14", 2006

Mimi Kim


oil on canvas, 16X20", 2006

Maria Lopez

"Finca Filadelfia"

C-print, 2005, 15X24"

Ernesto Restrepo


mixed media, 2005, 12X15"

Jillian Mcdonald

"Chester and Poncho"

2-channel DVD, 20 seconds loop, AP, 2005

Tricia Mclaughlin

"Monster Landscape"

oil on wood panel, fake grass, 11X8", 2006

Joe McKay

"UFO Images"

C-Print, 11X17", AP, 2005

Anja Mohn & Renate Aller

photograph, 14X19", 2006 (framed + glass)

Luke Murphy

"Kaleidoscope: Faces of Microsoft Employees"(fragment)

archival digital print on paper, 24X36', 2005

Aron Namenwirth


acrylic on canvas, 12X12", 2000

Jim Nolan


photo-collage, paper, 14X11", 2005

Jason Ogden


oil on canvas 2001, 9X11.5"

John Parker


mixed media on paper, 2001, 15X12"

Linda Post

"Hotel Wisconsin"

C-Print, 20x15", AP, 2003

Marcin Ramocki

"Photoshop Toolbox" (Pen Tool)

nickel silver, laser cut, 6X6", AP, 2006

Akiko Sakaizumi


2003, archival pigment print on canvas, AP, 11X17"

Paul Slocum

"Last Chair"

DVD, 1 min 55 sec, edition proof (7), 2005

Jude Tallichet

"Radio Facade"

mixed media, transistor radio

Steven Thompson

"Ghost Drawing"

mixed media, 2005

David Wells

mixed media, magnets

Jason Van Anden

"Animation Cell" (part of Smile Project)

Drawing, 11X8.5"

CJ Yeh

"One Day I Opened My Eyes"

Lithography, AP, 15X22", 1998

Carlo Zanni

"World is Flat"

3-d rendering of a JPEG icon, plastic epoxy

1X1", 2006

All work on paper is matted and behind glass/plexi unless otherwise requested by the artist. Please cal 646 258 3792 or email to reserve a ticket.


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