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Monday, February 26, 2007

Programmable Media @ Pace Digital

Cary Peppermint

Pace Digital Gallery is pleased to host Programmable Media
a free symposium presented by

Friday March 2nd, 10:00am to 3:30pm
Pace University, Multipurpose Room, 1 Pace Plaza
click for symposium program - pdf format

click for the Networked Performance Blog

PARTICIPANTS: Helen Thorington, Michelle Riel, Mushon Zer-Aviv and Dan Phiffer,
Amit Pitaru, Tom Igoe, Cary Peppermint, and John (Craig) Freeman


Contact: Helen Thorington (newradio[at]; Jillian McDonald (jmcdonald2[at] Registration is encouraged: email turbulence at

Directions: 4,5,6 to Brooklyn Brdge/City Hall subway station. Walk south on Park Row to Spruce Street, turn left and enter Pace University building on Spruce near Gold Street. Turn left inside building for the Multipurpose Room. Signs will be posted in the building, and security personnel may also guide the way.

Amit Pitaru

Monday, February 19, 2007

Canadian premiere of "8 BIT": SAT, Montreal

Montreal: view from our window

Last Saturday La Société des arts technologiques hosted the Canadian premiere of 8 BIT. It was a formidable event on a very cold, snowy evening.
We were written up by several Montreal daily/weekly newspapers:
and featured in
La Revanche des Nerdz, on Ztélé

the screening was happening on 4 screens at the same time, which was a little schizophrenic but cool..

The screening was organized by Cindy Poremba, Heather Kelly and Montreal GameCODE project. Thank you all so much!

Heather Kelly, Marcin Ramocki, Justin Strawhand and Cindy Poremba

We had around 200 enthusiastic viewers, the after-party included some awesome Nanoloop tracks by Taxi Nouveau (gameboy advance has a better base than I expected), circuit music by Jamie Allen (NYC) and Montreal's underground techno-turntablist + VJ collectives and The energy was great, and the audience came up with some serious questions: the Q&A was over 30 minutes long (which is an absolute record, usually they just want to run and stick their heads into cold water;).


I even introduced the movie in broken French and seemed to be understood (or maybe they were just nice).

One way or another, the road-trip to Montreal turned out to be a sweet vacation, the city is definitely worth visiting (I do suggest summer though).

Jamie Allen & Tobias


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Digiscape: Unexplored Terrain" opens at Pace Digital Gallery: Feb 15th

"Digiscape: Unexplored Terrain": an exhibition of digital artworks by China Blue, Suzan Dionne, Mark Esper, Jaakko Heikkila, Richard Humann, David Opdyke, Marcin Ramocki, and Marina Zurkow opens at Pace Digital Gallery on February 15 (Thursday). The artists will discuss their work; panel discussion / artist talks run 3:30-5:00 pm.

...the artists clearly convey that the significance of networks, both social and technical, now are central to the production and dissemination of contemporary art, ~ Jill Conner, from the exhibition catalogue.

the link to pdf of the exhibition catalogue
essay by Jill Conner, curated by China Blue

163 william street, NYC
between beekman and ann streets

History/Tectonics by Marcin Ramocki (installation at Jamaica Center for the Arts)

Monday, February 12, 2007

Jillian Mcdonald German Television artMovingProjects

Photo: Aron Namenwirth

Monday, February 05, 2007

Post-Socialist Cinema

I'll be participating in the Directors Lounge, which includes video art, animation and experimental film, and will take place during the Berlin International Festival from February 8-18. The venue is the former Cafe next to the once famous Filmtheater Kosmos on the left; on the right one of the two domed towers on Frankfurter Tor, the landmarks of the socialist boulevard Karl Marx Allee.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Doug Henderson @ Gigantic Art Space

The one and only Doug Henderson is a part of [silence] group show in Gigantic Art Space
(59 Franklin St. downtown). If you have never seen his "untitled 2004" speakers filled with water this may be the last chance before they fly away to Europe! The sound going through the speakers generates amazing patterns on the water surface, no actual sound is audible...
Great piece, which premiered at vertexList two years ago.
[silence] is an intriguing show of conceptual sound art, revolving around silence and capacity of sound to be experienced via other senses. The exhibition was curated by Galen Joseph-Hunter and Dylan J. Gauthier. I will be back to check it out, the opening reception was super-packed!

Douglas Henderson (untitled 2004) Water, speakers, low frequency sine waves, 79:00