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Thursday, March 08, 2007

"Random Access Poetics" coming on March 16th

VertexList space has the pleasure to present “Random Access Poetics”

featuring new media projects by:

[dNASAb], Ernesto Klar, Prize Budget for Boys and Lance Wakeling.

“Random Access Poetics” focuses on the processor-based new media work dealing with exposing invisible aspect of information. This exhibition brings together young Brooklyn new media artists and the Harlem/Toronto based collective Prize Budget for Boys.

The reception will take place on Friday, March 16th 2007, 7pm - 10pm.

In conjunction with the reception party Ms. PacMondrian will perform
"Trance Dance Seance" at 8.30pm

The exhibition will be on display until Sunday, April 22th 2007.

Work on display:


I-Pod Sculptures

The I-Pod, now being 5 years old, is deeply integrated into the lives of millions globally, and speaks of the fetishism that modern consumers have for new electronic mobile devices. [dNASAb] sees these new devices as raw materials for artistic creation. Thus the beginning of the

I-pod sculpture series. The first group are continuously looping, wall hanging, painted audio/video sculptures. The sculpture actually provides the energy, and audio components to make the I-Pod have a life and voice, It is a symbiotic relationship. Each I-Pod has its own unique custom

video and video playlists relating to the sculptural elements. [dNASAb] also has started to work directly onto the I-Pod screens sculpturally, integrating an image in motion on a two-dimensional screen is a visionary artistic precursor to the actual future technological advancements of video fabrics, holographic projection screens, and virtual reality.

Ernesto Klar

Parallel Convergence

"Convergenze parallele" is an audiovisual installation in which airborne dust particles passing through a beam of light are tracked, visualized, and sonified in real-time by a custom software system. The installation reacts to both natural and artificial air movements in the exhibition space, prompting the viewer to interact by blowing air towards the light and to observe the amplified sound-image relationships. The custom software system integrates computer vision and sound synthesis algorithms. The software pulses one electric fan with a dust receptacle that saturates the system at random intervals, and deploys a video camera to track the location of individual dust particles. This data is then translated into sound in real-time, mapping dust particles data to synthesized sound particles in a surround sound field. The visualization projected on the wall consists of an image-processed view that reveals the particles trajectory. "Convergenze parallele" explores the poetic potential of revealing and transforming the imperceptible, in the attempt to "see the invisible, or if you like, take a sounding on the incommensurable.

Prize Budget for Boys


Calderoids is an irreverent mash-up of fine art and video games, where you dodge and destroy Alexander Calder's kinetic mobiles in the triangular ship of Atari's space shooter Asteroids. The ubiquitous mobiles we hang over baby cribs were originally conceived by Calder as fanciful models of the universe: "There is of course a close alliance between physics and aesthetics." Based on a physically exact model of mobiles in space, Calderoids frees you from gravity to fly around and zap Calder's sculptures in your cosmic spacecraft.

Lance Wakeling

Study for Portrait of the Internet (static)_

Without crawlers roaming the internet and archiving links, images, and keywords, no one would have any idea how to find anything online. Search engines rely on crawlers to traverse links and chart the internet; spammers need them to harvest email addresses. My crawler is a simple creature, it makes 'slideshows' from images that people post on web pages, the images of the sites they link to, and the images of the sites linked to from there, and so on, and on. 'Study for Portrait of the Internet (static)' is a never-ending slideshow of GIF, JPG, and PNG images that runs off a modded xbox. A lot of the images that are downloaded are navigation widgets. As we move through larger landscapes of information with increasing speed, the apparatus for navigation becomes more and more the dominant component of our experience. Eventually, the experience of moving through data becomes more about interacting with the navigational apparatus and less about the environment being traversed--like the difference between riding a bicycle and piloting a jet.

Ms. PacMondrian : "Trance Dance Seance"

Inspired by the outrageous costumes and antics of 80s London club god Leigh Bowery and the exuberant theatrics of contemporary videogame cosplay, The Ms. Pac-Mondrian Trance Dance Seance Performance reincarnates Piet Mondrian's spirit through ecstatic dance. Ms. Pac- Mondrian, the psychedelic shaman, dances a burlesque to the boogie woogie sound effects
of the game. Guided by Mondrian's firm theosophical belief that he was an old soul reincarnated many times, the PBFB invite you to a
kinaesthetic/synaeasthetic extravaganza to raise the dead and bring back the boogie


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