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Monday, March 19, 2007

"Random Access Poetics" - the opening party

So we are not exactly sure how that happened, but we had well over 100 people last Friday!
vertexList salutes all new-media art lovers who made it on the crappiest night of the century.
The winter storm was so bad that even the car services didn't respond in Williamsburg...
We were particularly impressed by Steven Dressler who came all the way from Trenton NJ (hardcore!) .

Calderoids (the old-good asteroids re-made after Alexander Calder) were a hit; the poor 30 year old arcade box barely made it through the assault...

"Trance-Dance Seance" performance by highly hermaphroditic Ms. PacMondrian attempted bringing back the spirit of Piet Mondrian via shamanistic rituals + some rockin 8 bit animation/chiptunes.

The tormented spirit is still haunting the building... well done Ms. Pac(k)Mondrian...

And last but not the least, thanks go to Zemi, who rocked the crowd with some indie-house-mixed-with-Indonesian-chimes, coming through two guitar amps!


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