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Monday, October 01, 2007

8 BIT in Winnipeg

The Winnipeg Film Group and Cinematheque, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Mon.- Weds./ Oct. 1 / 9:00 PM Tues & Weds./ Oct. 2 & 3 / 9:45 PM

CKUW 95.9 FM and VideoPool present
8 BIT (A film about art and video games) with BLUNDERSPUBLIK

playing live before the show on Monday Oct. 1st.

Update: we got some press in Winnipeg!
David didn't like it (and he is right, we suck), but Walter and Allison dug it:)
Thank you all!

Winnipeg Sun, "8 BIT: Too many levels not enough action",
by David Shmaichel

Do video games count as art? If you're among the assorted cyberhipsters profiled in the documentary 8 BIT, the answer is a resounding "yes" -- though the enthusiasm of the talking heads on display sometimes gets mired in needless technobabble.

Uptown Magazine
"Getting into the game: New documentary 8 Bit deconstructs video game culture - literally"
by Walter Forsberg

"(First, before reading any further, break out your dayplanner, or Apple Newton, and pencil in - no, use pen - 'see 8 Bit with friend.' It is one of the great historical documents of contemporary culture. I know, no more broad claims, but it really is excellent.)

What makes 8 Bit such an accomplished independent documentary isn't the feigned charisma of the on-screen filmmaker nor the powerful social message. It's the fact 8 Bit's subject matter is transcendently fascinating: talking heads who play with video games all day long and who are probably way smarter (and richer) than you."

What's on Winnipeg, "8 BIT: Way cool artistry of Pac-Man", by Allison Gillmor

"The filmmakers edit the artwork and the interviews seamlessly, so that arguments build up with gradual, wonderfully intelligent force. There are lots of super-smart and articulate people in this film, and while they talk some brainiac art theory, they do so in an accessible way. The filmmakers never push theory as theory, always channelling the ideas through the work itself.

The results are provocative, speculative and way, way cool."

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