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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Bit Shifter @ Blip

Managed to make it to one evening of the 2008 Blip festival! I checked out the new stuff by Role Model, Glomag and Bit Shifter. The ambiance was super, as always: i also liked the Brooklyn location.

I remember people were worried back in 2005 that chiptunes would be shamelessly incorporated into mainstream pop... well, seems to me like they are doing just fine on their own. It is good to see how much this scene grew! I literally knew nobody in the (rather large) audience, which is a sign that micromusic is no longer an insider playground...

Also, for the record, chiptunes have never been the same since the Scandinavian scene collided with Blip last year. Both local artists and Europeans took their music to a whole new level thanks to this rare cross pollination.

Check out an awesome bit of Bit Shifter below, and come to see Glomag next Saturday at vertexList!

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