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Monday, February 19, 2007

Canadian premiere of "8 BIT": SAT, Montreal

Montreal: view from our window

Last Saturday La Société des arts technologiques hosted the Canadian premiere of 8 BIT. It was a formidable event on a very cold, snowy evening.
We were written up by several Montreal daily/weekly newspapers:
and featured in
La Revanche des Nerdz, on Ztélé

the screening was happening on 4 screens at the same time, which was a little schizophrenic but cool..

The screening was organized by Cindy Poremba, Heather Kelly and Montreal GameCODE project. Thank you all so much!

Heather Kelly, Marcin Ramocki, Justin Strawhand and Cindy Poremba

We had around 200 enthusiastic viewers, the after-party included some awesome Nanoloop tracks by Taxi Nouveau (gameboy advance has a better base than I expected), circuit music by Jamie Allen (NYC) and Montreal's underground techno-turntablist + VJ collectives and The energy was great, and the audience came up with some serious questions: the Q&A was over 30 minutes long (which is an absolute record, usually they just want to run and stick their heads into cold water;).


I even introduced the movie in broken French and seemed to be understood (or maybe they were just nice).

One way or another, the road-trip to Montreal turned out to be a sweet vacation, the city is definitely worth visiting (I do suggest summer though).

Jamie Allen & Tobias



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