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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mike Beradino @ The Kitchen

Parsons MFA show @ The Kitchen
512 west 19 St.
New York, NY 10011
212 255 5793

Opening Thursday, May 01, 6-8pm

Adrienne Reynolds
Blake Anderson
Brandon Nastanski
Cecile Chong
Clea Davis
Cynthia Hsieh
Danny Coeyman
Frank Zadlo
Jeanine Anthony
Jesse Martin
Jessica Lee
John Monteith
Julia Dault
Kourosh Bahar
Lance Lankford
Mahrokh Shirvanian
Meghann Snow
Mike Beradino
Misael Nunez
Nicole Carlson
Peter Lapsley
Sun Young Lee

Mike Beradino: "Liquid Pixels #2", a farrofluid piece that works in real-time off of a video camera and a TV.

"HELLO WORLD", a raccoon and a grid of lasers that scroll text while projecting a sparkly pattern
on to the ceiling.

8 BIT in Australia

8 BIT made it around the world all the way to Australia! Last Thursday, April 24th we premiered at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Melbourne. It was well worth the 24 hour trip: 8 BIT sold out and ACMI turned out to be an excellent venue, up there with the NYC MoMa and Montreal S.A.T. The screening was a part of "Game On", a massive exhibition about the history of video gaming, featuring every game I have ever seen + some brand new machinima by Eddo Stern.

I was super excited to meet the few Australian chiptune people: DJ Trip opened the event with an awesome 30 minutes Commodore/Gameboy + PC set, and the after party was quite successfully rocked out by 10kfreemen and Dot.Ay.
For more info on Australian chiptune scene check out

Huge thanks go to Tim Webster (the organizer), Anna Svedberg, Helen Stuckey and the entire ACMI crew, which made my week in Melbourne truly special!

Image above: Tim Webster, DJ Trip and Anna Svedberg.

And last but not the least: my Melbourne micro-video documentary;)

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

"Your Documents Please" @ Itami Museum, Japan

"Your Documents Please" The Museum of Arts & Crafts Itami
2-5-28 Miyanomae, Itami, Hyogo 664-0895

: 072-772-5557 Fax: 072-772-5558
April 04 to April 20, 2008

This exhibition is a touring show curated by Alma on Dobbin, Rumiko Tsuda and Daniel Georges, featuring "personal identification papers" created by 270 artists from all over the world, including pieces by Matt Freedman, David Brody, Jude Tallichet,
Eungho Park, Marcin Ramocki, Lance Wakeling and many more.
The next venues of the exhibition:

April 26 - May 11 2008
34 Nihon Odori, Naka-ku
Yokohama, Kanagawa 231-0021 Japan

November 2008
2B Gallery
Budapest IX. Ráday u.47 Hungary

January 2009
Bratislava, Slovakia

The full list of participating artists:
ABHA DAWESAR USA, Aimee Lee USA, Aine Scannell GBR, Akane Kirimura FRA, Akos Wechter HUN, Alec Finlay GBR, Alexandra Moses USA, Alissa Kaplan USA, Amanda Trager USA, Amarie Hill USA, Andra Georges USA, András Böröcz USA, Anne Holliday NZL, Annette Minchin AUS, Annette Munk DEU, Arezoo Moseni USA, Arimichi Iwasawa JPN, Audrey Daniel USA, Babs Reingold USA, Barbara Hashimoto USA, Barbara Schauwecker USA, Beata Wehr USA, Beatrix Piesh USA, Betsy Davids USA, Carl Pope USA, carl fairweather NZL, Carole Naggar USA, Catya Plate USA, CeCe Cole USA, Cham Giobbi USA, Charles Hobson USA, Che Song Gyu JPN, Christine Ponelle USA, Clara Pechansky BRA, Cordula Kagemann DEU, Corrine Bayraktaroglu USA, Dale Copeland NZL, Daniel Georges USA, Daria Dorosh USA, David Lantow USA, David Opdyke USA, David Poppie USA, David Brody USA, David Ambrose USA, Deborah Masters USA, Debra Jenks USA, Debra Bretton Robinson USA, Dede van der Roove POL, Denise Deleray USA, Dennis Summers USA, Diane Sophrin USA, Dina Bursztyn USA, Don Porcaro USA, Donna Maria deCreeft USA, Dorothea Fleiss DEU, Doug Beube USA, Dr. Friederun Friederichs DEU, Dr.Juszuf Istvan Antal HUN, Edna Cantoral Acosta MEX, Eileen Foti USA, Eleonora Lecei USA, elise Engler USA, Elizabeth Zois USA, Elizabeth Ross MEX, Emily Martin USA, emily harris USA, enrique castrejon USA, Enzo Salanitro ITA , Eric Doeringer USA, Esperanza Cortes USA, Etta Säfve NLD, Eungho Park USA, Ford Crull USA, Frank Gillette 
USA, Gabor Andor Tooth HUN, GELAH PENN USA, George Alamidis AUS, Georgia Grigoriadou GRC, Gerhild Ebel DEU, Gianluca Bianchino USA, Giovanni Bonanno ITA, Goso Tominaga JPN, Greg Neville AUS, Gregg Nowell AUS, GRIMANESA AMOROS USA, GYULA MAJOROS HUN, H.M. Murphy USA, Haejin Yoon USA, Hanna von Goeler USA, Harley Spiller USA, Heather Hart USA, HELEN MALONE AUS, HELEN Schamroth NZL, Hiro Sakaguchi USA, Ian Laughlin USA, Ichi Ikeda JPN, ioulia Terizis AUS, ivan puig MEX, Jake Klotz USA, Janet Jones USA, Jaromir Svozilik NOR, Jason Irwin USA, Jennifer Pepper USA, Jesse Walker USA, Jesus Manuel Montero ESP, Jo Cook CAN, Joan Snitzer USA, joan ryan USA, Joan Mellon USA, Joan Schulze USA, Johannes Gérard NLD, John Roach USA, John Mark Sager USA, Jonathon Johnson USA, Jordan Crandall USA, Jordana Maisie AUS, Jorge Meijide ARG, Jose Ruiz USA, Joyce Cutler-Shaw USA, Juana Valdes USA, Jude Tallichet USA, Judith Page USA, Judy Gittelsohn USA, Julia Wigent USA, Karen Atkinson USA, Karen Balos USA, Karen King USA, Kate Wall USA, Katsura Okada USA, Kayo Miyaji JPN, Kayo Nakamura USA, Kazuko Miyamoto USA, Kazuya Taoka JPN, Keiko Kubota-Miura USA, keith smith USA, Keith A Buchholz USA, Ken Butler USA, Ketta Ioannidou USA, Kiyotaka Kumano JPN, Kurt Stoeckel USA, L.M. Noonan AUS, Laurel Shute USA, Lauren Simkin Berke USA, Laurinda Stockwell USA, Leigh Craven USA, Lester Pidgeon USA, Lex LoebUSA, Lili Rusu ROM, Lisa Cooperman USA, Lise Menu-Noack FRA, Lorraine Pemberton NZL, Louise McCagg USA, Luisa Sartori USA, Madam X USA, Maddy Rosenberg USA, Marcin Ramocki USA, Mari Oshima USA, Marian Macken AUS, Marie Sivak USA, Marina Salmaso DNK, Markus Shimizu DEU, Mary Ellen Long USA, Masaki Tamura JPN, Mathew Rogers USA, Matt Freedman USA, Meghan Keane USA, Melanie Rochat USA, Melody Winnig USA, Michael Pribich USA, Michelle Loughlin USA, Mike Mollett USA, Miki Hayashi JPN, Mille Kalsmose DNK, mimi shapiro USA, Miriam Schaer USA, Mirta Kupferminc ARG, Mitsuo Hayashi JPN, Mitsuo Toshida JPN, Myoung Soo (IVARY) Kim KOR, Nancy Guerrero GBR, Nancy Morrow USA, Nancy Storrow USA, Nancy Lehet AUS, Nancy Azara USA, Nancy Kay Turner USA, Naomi campbell USA, Natalie Moore USA, Natasha Shapiro USA, Neddi Heller USA, Niku Kashef USA, Nina Czegledy CAN, Nina Waisman USA, Nora Gergely HUN, Noredin Morgan USA, Norma Markley USA, Norman Moore USA, Ottfried Zielke DEU, Patrick Killoran USA, Paul Baumann USA, Petala Eftihia GRC, Rena Masuyama JPN, Robbin Silverberg USA, Robert Tucker USA, Robyn Challis NZL, Roger Sayre USA, Roland Halbritter DEU, Rumi Tsuda USA,Russel Hulsey USA, Sam Erenberg USA, Sarah Wentworth USA, Sarah BarkerUSA, sarah julig USA, Sarantis Gagas GRC, sasha chavchavadze USA, Scott McCarney USA, Scott Randall USA, Scrapworm Wrenn USA, Sebastiaan Bremer USA, Senol Sak TUR, Sheila Ross USA, Simone Gad USA, Sivanon Nax Chaichorfa JPN, Skowmon Hastanan USA, Stephen Lack USA, Steve Cox USA, Suejin Jo USA, Susan Bee USA, Susan Breitsch USA, Susan Share USA, Susan Newmark USA, Susumu Sakaguchi USA, Suzanne Anker USA, Tadashi Hashimoto USA, Taisuke Morishita JPN, Tamas Veszi USA, Tammy Wofsey USA, Taryn Wells USA, Tasuku Matsushima JPN, Tatsuo Osawa JPN, Thomas Simpfendoerfer USA, Tommy Flynn USA, Truman Capone USA, Undine Brod USA, Ursula Clark USA, Vaiva Kovieraite LTU, Vernita N'Cognita USA, Victoria Alexander CAN, Wesley Mulvin CAN, Yoko ArisakaJPN, Youme Landowne USA, Yuka Mae JPN, Zoltán Hermann HUN, Zona Sage USA,

"Bear Charm", Jude Talichet

"Seven Deadly Sins: Anger", Marcin Ramocki

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Flint Weisser: magnetic fields @ Pratt gallery

magnetic field drawing

Flint Weisser
Steuben South Gallery C.
Pratt Institute, 200 Willoughby Ave., Brooklyn NY

The show features victorian scientific equipment, and drawings created by
manipulating magnetic fields. Heres a couple of shots from opening night. . .
The exhibition closes on Friday, the gallery is open from noon to five.

The crookes tube, is a type of early cathode ray, the precursor to tv,
neon, and xray. It's a spark gap with the resistance of air being
decreased by applying a vacuum. This causes the glass to glow.
With the static generator, turning the handle causes the acrylic
cylinder to rub on the rabbit fur which creates a static charge. The
ball chain lifts the charge and transfers it to the leyden jar. Leyden
jars are like capacitors, positive on the inside, negative on the outside.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Pace Digital Gallery hosts Programmable Media 2: Networked Music

Programmable Media II: Networked Music, a one-day symposium examining the current and future possibilities of network-enabled music, will be held on April 11, 2008 at Pace University, NYC. The symposium is free and open to the public, and will include artist presentations and live performances. More info, including directions and Artist bios at Pace Digital Gallery website.

Based on the rapidly expanding archive of music/sound experiments to be found on Networked Music Review and the fifteen short works recently commissioned for it, the symposium aims to stimulate critical and far-ranging discussion on emerging music and sound art practice.

To register, email turbulence at turbulence dot org with "Programmable Media II" as the subject.

Symposium Program

Date: Friday April 11, 2008
Venue: The Multipurpose Room, 1 Pace Plaza, Pace University

10:00 am – 10:45 am: Introduction by Helen Thorington and Peter Traub

Thorington and Traub will set the groundwork for the conference by introducing a variety of recent works from Networked Music Review and discussing the history, ideas, tools, and theory behind today’s creative practice.

11:00 am – 1:00 pm: Round-table discussion

Panelists: Dan Trueman, Peter Traub, Zach Layton, Sawako Kato, Jason Freeman (moderator)

Panelists will be given 5-10 minutes to make a basic statement about their work. The discussion will center on the significance of networks and whether they – and the collective behaviors of their machine or human nodes – can form the basis of compelling musical experiences.

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm: LUNCH

2:30 Performances
Jason Freeman with Andrew Beck and Mark T. Godfrey, "Flou"
Tobias c van Veen, " til death do us a part"

3:00 - 5:30: Round Table discussion

Panelists: LoVid, Tobias C. Van Veen, Adam Nash, Helen Thorington (moderator)

Panelists will be given 5-10 minutes to make a basic statement about their work. Discussion will continue with emphasis on cross-over works (music w/images, text, video, video games etc.). Nash will speak to the symposium from Second Life, which he calls a “post-convergent medium.”

Short performances by Jason Freeman with Andrew Beck and Mark T. Godfrey and Tobias C. Van Veen will be given during the course of the symposium.

Eddo Stern: QQ More @ Light Industry

QQ More
curated by Eddo Stern

April 8, 2008 at 8pm
55 33rd Street, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY

Artist Eddo Stern presents a screening of fan-made machinima from the
massively multiplayer online game World of Warcraft, focusing on videos that
operate outside the traditional reverence of fan art and the game world's
own parameters, such as those dealing with real-life death, pornography, and
drugs. While only dubiously subversive, they nevertheless reflect a
compelling phenomenon, one in which a more hermetic idea of "fantasy"
cordoned-off reality (seen in hardcore role playing) is being replaced by
pseudo-fantasy genre games like WoW that spill over into the real world, and
vice versa, through the homebrew manipulations of its multitudinous fan

Featured titles, among others, will include:

Rest in Peace Ignoramus
Amongst Fables and Men
Serenity Now
Drakedog's Suicide
Where Evil Grows
Welcome to Exploration (DOPEFISH)
Sex Junkie (French)
Broadcast Yourself (Gunter Soundtrack)
Tribal Gnome

Stern will also be showing his recent video Best... Flame War... Ever...
(King of Bards vs. Squire Rex, June 2004), which recreates an argument about
degrees of expertise within the computer fantasy game Everquest, as followed
by the artist in June 2004 on the Alkhazam online gaming message boards.
Rendered in 3D animation at once elaborate and oblique, it serves as a
spot-on ethnography for a particular slice of 21st century nerd culture and
the thorny political terrain that surrounds it.

Followed by a post-show discussion between Stern and Alexander R. Galloway.

Tickets - $6, available at door.

About Eddo Stern

Eddo Stern is an artist and game designer. He was born in Tel Aviv, Israel,
and lives in Los Angeles. He works on the disputed borderlands between
fantasy and reality, exploring the uneasy and otherwise unconscious
connections between physical existence and electronic simulation. His work
explores new modes for narrative and documentary, experimental and
multidisciplinary computer game design, and cross-cultural representation in
new media. He is the founder of the now-retired art and technology
cooperative C-level, where he designed and co-produced the experimental
computer gaming projects Waco Resurrection, Tekken Torture Tournament,
Cockfight Arena and LA MOOd. He is currently developing Darkgame, a sensory
deprivation computer game. His work has been widely exhibited at
international venues including the Tate Gallery Liverpool, the Walker Art
Center, Museo Nacional Centro De Arte Reina Sofia, E3, GDC, Kunsthalle
Düsseldorf, the ICA London, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, ICC Tokyo,
and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

About Light Industry

Light Industry is a new venue for film and electronic art in Brooklyn, New
York. Developed and overseen by Thomas Beard and Ed Halter, the project will
begin as a series of weekly events in Sunset Park this spring and summer,
each organized by a different artist, critic, or curator. Conceptually,
Light Industry draws equal inspiration from the long history of alternative
art spaces in New York as well its storied tradition of cinematheques and
other intrepid film exhibitors. Through a regular program of screenings,
performances, and lectures, its goal is to explore new models for the
presentation of time-based media and foster a complex dialogue amongst a
wide range of artists and audiences within the city.