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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Artist's Park in Chelsea

Artist's Park is a site specific project by Scot Kaplan. Most likely the smallest park in the world (3x3') has opened for visitors on 24th street between 10 and 11th avenues. "This one square yard of green space is a place to put your feet in the grass as a respite from the surrounding tumult."

This Thursday August 30, 2007 at 7:00pm Artist’s Park, a site-specific installation 
by Scot Kaplan, is being honored by a ribbon cutting ceremony
marking the parks establishment and availability to the public.
The event will be held at 534 West 24th street on the park grounds with refreshments
served following the ceremony. All are welcome and encouraged to attend,
although turns will have to be taken strolling the park’s grounds.

Update #2:
Everybody loves the park!
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Some of the best comments:

This is both awesome and pathetic."

"What is this?? An artist park for ANTS?? c. ZOOLANDER
This is the stupidest thing the city has ever done. A slap in the face to the whole art community."

"Can a homeless person (a former artist) sleep there at night?"



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if a tree falls...


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