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Sunday, March 23, 2008 launch + Bubblyfish performance

Paul and Kevin putting final touches on

The INFOspirit

The INFOmonk is often disinterested in physical art and is not always fulfilled by objects. Rightfully, the INFOmonk turns to the spirit world for fulfillment, surfing for boons that will give him clarity. The INFObrats still believe in physical masterpieces. The INFObrats try to produce physical masterpieces, and they even use Google to search for physical masterpieces so that they can go visit them or purchase them.

The greater masterpiece isn't something that can be found on Google. The greater masterpiece is the INFOspirit that constructs all of Google. The greater masterpiece is the INFOspirit that constructs all YouTube videos and all celebrity gossip blog posts and all jpegs of Van Gogh paintings and all of and all net art yet made. While the physical connections of copper and silicon that contain the web could be destroyed, the INFOspirit cannot be destroyed. The INFOspirit is not bound by the constraints of the universe. The INFOspirit reveals to us an art that is unreachable, but right at our fingertips -- an art that is infinitely sized, but as simple as a cigar box of thimbles.

The goal of is equally simple: surfers, reveal to others the majesty of the INFOspirit.

fragment from "Spirit Surfing" by Kevin Bewersdorf

Wonderful game boy set by Bubblyfish :)

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