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Monday, April 02, 2007

"Two Keystoned Projectors" by Cory Arcangel

Cory Arcangel's new piece exhibited at Galerie Guy Bartschi in Geneva is perhaps my second favorite of Cory's work (after the Nintendo Clouds). It is basically two projectors used as light sources, keystoned and partially superimposed.

Somehow Cory manages to reference the "materiality" of a projection, and produce an image which exists both as light and picture... The image projected originates from the inner workings of the gear itself, but the gesture of mixing light areas goes beyond modernist "structural", medium-self-referential work and becomes poetry at its best.. The fact of placing the projectors in the path of gallery visitors declares that it is the light beam which is the content of the installation.

This work is about the projector as medium, its technological limits, spatial geometry and light as a sculptural material. And of course the fine memory of minimalist art from the 60's;)

I would put the "Screen Burn" piece into the same category of sculptures about the presence and impact of light filtered through technological devices. These pieces are different from all previous works, a shift from punk DIY to definite philosophical exercises, much more sophisticated than Nintendo hacks and way more interesting than the "subtractions, modifications, addenda, and other recent contributions to participatory culture"

It is fun to see an artist open up a whole new area of thinking and research in his work... there has been a lot of discussion about Cory's post video-game work both on and off-line, lots of (sometimes loving and sometimes harsh) peer scrutiny ... as far as I am concerned "Two Keystoned Projectors" is FUCKING awesome (and this is the official art-critical terminology).



At 10:07 PM, Blogger jm said...

I totally agree, the two keystoned projectors is Fucking Awesome. I believe that is precisely the term I used when I first saw images of it.


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