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Saturday, March 29, 2008


Director 11 is available for download! Vertexlist owes it's name to this grand old software package. When Adobe bought Macromedia most felt that they would leave the venerable Director behind but low and behold a new release is upon us. Has Adobe outdone itself buy fully integrating Director into the Adobe suite of software packages? No. Have they at least made it so there are multiple undo's? Nay. Are they saying anything about it on the Adobe home page? Negatory. Will it work on your intell mac running Tiger? Yes, maybe - (the demo download sounds like it's a bit buggy). Is it time to leave Hypercard and try something new? Sure, time to get a 5600 baud modem too.
There's an excellent podcast which will tell you all you wanted to know and more.
Skip actually describes the community as "All huddled around the casket trying to resurrect Director".


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